No one went with me to the farmer’s market before work, so I was efficient about it. The French bakery didn’t have a stall yesterday, but I got #2 son’s favorite sourdough bread from the American baker. While I was there, the French farmer came up to snag a pastry.

Most of the farmers are local boys (you can be a boy around here till you die, though you do become an old boy) or, increasingly, Southeast Asian. But there is one French farmer who grows lovely vegetables and arranges them at his stall with verve and encouraging captions written in chalk on neat little blackboards.

“What you slinging today, Patrice?” asked the baker. “Greens?”

The French farmer confided that his butterhead lettuce was particularly succulent, and I snipped right over and got a bag full of his salad mix. Normally, I would have continued around the square, searching out the youngest and most handsome green beans, admiring the dogs, and otherwise enjoying market day, but yesterday I snagged some Asian cucumbers, green beans, and blueberries, and left it at that.

We were tolerably busy at work, and then I came home and finished up the Wuthering Heights tea cosy. It looks pretty festive on the teapot, doesn’t it?

The design is a very practical one, as the pleats trap air in woolen chambers, making for very good insulation. With one of these, you can get a second cup of tea that is nearly as hot as the first.

Add a fresh loaf of zucchini bread, and you have a fine breakfast. Next I will try Scriveling’s Brother’s Chocolate Zucchini Cake, the recipe for which she kindly shared with me. The boys have specified that zucchini cookies will not be tolerated.

The pattern for the tea cosy is from Traditional Victorian White Work to Knit and Crochet for the Home by Shelagh Hollingworth.

I am feeling much recovered, but since I was sick (and at work) all week and am going back to work tomorrow, I am planning to stay home and coddle myself a bit today. No apologies. My sister is representing her … um, region? not sure…. some geographical area surrounding her house anyway… at a national bridge competition, so the family honor will be satisfied for the weekend. I am not sure that I could support either the idea that family honor requires productive activity at all times, or the idea that activity on the part of any member of the family covers it for all members of the family, so I will stop right here.