The Poster Queen has alerted me that my xanga now takes up more than the width of the screen, and it sure enough does. I hope this means that the mysterious Chris is trying really hard to fix my xanga. I also hope that my husband will try really hard to fix my car. I am trying really hard to fix my quilt.
Last night we went to see “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” at the drive-in. The Princess had alerted me to the fact that it was playing. We used to go to drive-in movies all the time when our children were small. Many young couples did, and probably still do. You could put your kids in their pajamas and go to the movies without having to find a sitter. We saw “Grease” and “Kramer vs. Kramer” and all the early Jackie Chan movies that way. Lots more that we have forgotten, too. We were trying to remember them on the drive over there, but without success. It is fun to watch the little children playing on the swingsets in their jammies, and pleasant to be outdoors on balmy summer nights. We had not gone in years.
It is a lot like watching a movie on your TV at home, except that it is noisier and less comfortable. This may be a little unfair, really, because we had a group of emergency vehicles pull up next to us at one point, which is hardly the norm, I am sure.
There were unintentionally humorous 1960s ads for the “refreshment center,” which the kids told us had a cappuccino machine, rather than the “rich flavored coffee that puts a man back on his feet” which the ads promised. Does a man want to be put back on his feet while at the drive-in?
My husband forgot to bring his glasses and kept borrowing from me and #2 son. #2 daughter got a phone call. I knitted all the way through, which didn’t irritate me and no member of the family mentioned it, but I am being fair here. There was probably clicking of needles, and I did put the light on every now and then to make sure I hadn’t dropped stitches or made an error in the pattern.
“The Hitchhiker’s Guide” includes some knitting, by the way. I quite liked it. It is taking a chance, to go see a movie made from a book you have read so many times that you can nearly recite it. But I thought they did a good job, without being slaves to the book or the radio program. And I loved the song.
I don’t read science fiction, generally. I don’t read romance novels, either, although right now I am reading one I bought used, called Married for a Month. There are genres that I absolutely never read, such as Westerns and horror — I have read perhaps two of each of these in my life. In the area of science fiction or fantasy, however, I generally do not read it, but some of my favorite authors and books fall into that category. So I read and re-read everything by Terry Pratchett, I read everything by Peter David and Elizabeth Scarbrough (sp?) and several others once, and I have read the Hitchhiker’s Guide a whole lot of times. This means that I actually read as much science fiction as some aficionados, while still being able to say with perfect sincerity that I don’t read science fiction.

It was the prayer shawl that I was knitting. I finished up the first skein.