Yesterday we went to the Farmers Market and stopped by this fun shop, and also the LYS.

We did lots of visiting with people as we traveled around. We stopped by the fabric shop to see whether the plain pink fabric there would be better for my quilt (no), and took #2 daughter for her hair appointment.

Then the kids went off to various amusements and appointments, and I got to my homework.

I was pretty unsuccessful there. I had three assignments to turn in last night, and I did reasonably well on the first, with much trial and error on the divs.

Then the kids all came home, and we cleaned out the garage.

It was very hot, but we did get all the outgrown clothes and toys off to the Salvation Army, and all the empty boxes broken down, and three bags of trash filled.

After that, we rented a movie and bought food for the evening. I made a cake, #2 son grilled some chicken, #1 daughter made grilled potatoes, #2 daughter and I sauteed zucchini, and I sliced up some cucumbers. #1 daughter had brought homegrown potatoes and onions along and the rest of the produce was from the Farmers Market, so it was a delicious meal.

People came and went, watching the movie and playing Wii and talking and so forth. The kids had gone, among them, to a cage fight, a skydiving dropzone, work, lunch, and various visits.

Along about 10:00, I realized with horror that I hadn’t done my homework. It was due by midnight, with no late assignments being accepted.

I made a strong cup of tea and settled in to finish it up.

The first assignment was not so bad. I couldn’t figure out how to make all the bold text yellow, but apart from that I was successful. I checked it in a couple of browsers and sent it in.

The second assignment involved divs. As you know, I’ve been unsuccessful with getting my divs to behave themselves and float neatly into columns.

I continued to have this problem. Time was running out, and my file staunchly refused to pay any attention to the importan tand useful things I was telling it about what to do with the divs.

#1 daughter, bless her heart, came and sat with me and went through the code line by line with various books and websites, and helped me get the columns under control, but by then it was 11:57 and the images weren’t showing up properly. I turned it in anyway, because I had no choice.

So now I have one assignment for which I have a zero, and two assignments turned in with flaws.

I also didn’t get the papers graded or do the work for my Aussies, nor did we get our business meeting done. So I think I’ll stay home from church this morning and do those things. This afternoon we’re meeting my parents for lunch, which ought to cheer me up after this horrid debacle with the assignments.