I got the shelf thing put together, my husband fixed it so it was put together right, and I added it to my  gradually improving office.

It isn’t quite perfect yet. The bin I put in the top left is the wrong size, so I’ll have to replace it with the right size of bin. The top of the shelf is not a lovely tablescape. Putting my bnriefcases and bags into the shelf may not be the best use of the space.

However, I know that the key to success with modern shelving is not to put too many books on it, so I’m trying to observe that rule.

I put the bookshelf back together and put few, light things on the shelves which had given up and fallen down.

We’ll see whether that solves the problem or not.

Now I am lusting after the file cabinet that matches the new desk. Once I have that file cabinet, I am convinced, I will have the ideal working situation. Well, maybe not the ideal. But as near ideal as I expect to get, what with the dogs and collapsing bookcases and all.

I also got the grant narrative written. There may be more grants to write for this client as well. It’s a homeless shelter for pregnant girls, and gathering up their statistics was a very sniffly task, I’ll tell you.

I told my husband the shocking numbers of homeless children in the client’s town, and he said, “Go get some.” I don’t know if that’s a practical option.

Once I got the shelf built and the stuff off the floor and the grant written, I got back to reading and sewing, and enjoyed it very much.

I finished this top, from the same pattern I used for the linen one. This is a polyester charmeuse, but I like it anyway. It’s very shiny, so I figure I could wear it to parties.

I don’t usually attend the parties I’m invited to, but I try. I think I also should be more active on weekends. I think hiking and swimming should be on my list of fun things to do when I’m not working.

Reading and needlework are the things that are actually on that list. I have, however, also been to a couple of wonderful presentations by National Geographic photographers lately, and some concerts, and I’ve enjoyed those very much.

I guess I won’t turn into the hermit cat lady.

One of my students wrote her first paper on how she had been poised to grow up to become a hermit cat lady but was now going to college and changing her life. I don’t like animals enough to become a hermit cat lady, but the phrase stuck with me.

My class is going well. I am swamped with work, but I think that’s good. When #1 daughter and I went to talk with the Small Business Development Center guy, we asked him about the problem of business growth. He explained that this is a problem for companies with  inventory, not for companies like ours. He suggested that we raise our prices.

I’m beginning to suspect that this is the main thing the business advice groups say to people.  It’s the main thing they say to us.

I have lots of nice flowers and vegetables outside, so reading out there is another enjoyable thing to do while not working.

#1 daughter is feeling cautiously optimistic about the business, which is quite good for her, and #2 daughter likes her new job and the cool new crowd that goes with it. #1 son has a cool new job, too, and has been at a rock concert all week, so I figure he’s having fun.

#2 son also has a new job for the summer, revamping the rock wall at his college’s gym, and he’s also being counselor to the Governor’s School kids and leading New Student Orientation.

My husband seems slightly less morose about his job, and I guess that’s the best he can do.