I didn’t get my six hours of blogging done yesterday. Other clients needed things, and it was a beautiful day, and I decided to take a break and deadhead some roses. I went to the grocery, and sat outside with a novel for a bit enjoying the day, and then I was astonished to find that it was 6:45, so I made dinner and didn’t get back to work. Instead I worked on my sewing and watched Made of Honor.

Right now I’m listening to Harry Chapin. Suwanda gave me the CD to listen to, because this guy is a favorite of hers and she wanted to share it.

I do that kind of thing a lot myself. I think someone would love some book and I force it on him or her.

But this is a CD, and there’ll be no good excuse for my not having heard it by the time I see her in church this morning. So I’m listening to it while I drink my tea and wake up enough to get some more of that blogging done. I sure dislike this guy’s music. He has a harsh, tense voice and maudlin lyrics, to my mind. Apparently he was very popular once.

We’re singing one of his songs at this charity do next week, and I’m supposed to sing a solo verse on it. We’re singing mostly stuff I don’t like. Have I mentioned that? Singing things you don’t like is part of the deal when you sing with other people, so it’s not a big deal, but it’s also not a pleasure.

He does sound like a nice guy, though.

Okay, I’d better get blogging. I can see whether I can get an hour in before church.