Last year at this time, I was going through the 6-week program from Freedom from Agoraphobia. A question from Lostarts inspired me to go back and read through my experience, and I find that I am feeling nauseated and have an elevated heartbeat and an incipient headache, so i guess I don’t have complete freedom from agoraphobia, but I am still pretty impressed with how well it worked.

The trouble is that, since part of the program was making appointments for things (for my kids and myself — almost equally stressful for me), and it has now been a year since I did that, I have all these appointments all bunched up together. Plus the normal busy-ness of this time of year. So I am waking up most morning with this sense of impending doom. This week, I have three appointments. Yes, well, I know that you are not reacting with horror. I could show you pictures of terrifying empty fields. No?