On Friday, I started the day by finishing up my short class in the Next County to the North. Possibly because of sleep deprivation, I ended up giving the students a rant about the value of writing and of doing your best work and stuff like that.

I believe those things, but I think they probably rolled their eyes about it in the hall after class.

Following that, #1 daughter and I had a working lunch in the school coffee shop (the food is horrible) and then went on to a meeting with some new prospective clients. I like them a lot and I hope we get the job. They live and work in a geodesic dome in the Next County to the East, making alternative energy devices. We met in the library coffee shop.

I got home from the meeting just in time to leave for a singing gig in the Next County to the South. Traveling there is always fairly traumatic for me, because there are some fairly swoopy roads between here and there, but I slept on the way down and woke up just as we crossed the river.

It’s hard for me to explain how I feel around large bodies of water. It’s as though all the molecules of water in my body respond to a call from the molecules in the river, lake, or ocean. Even swimming pools have a bit of that effect for me. I probably shouldn’t be living in a land-locked place.

We sang for the older people’s group at a church there, ate weird things at their potluck, and then drove back home.

It was a fun day.

Yesterday I worked, but also spent some time sitting outside in the lovely springtime. I did some housework, and some slight gardening. My husband saw what pitiful stuff I was doing with the plants and took over. He can’t stand to see things done badly. He has to jump in and do it better himself.

In the evening, #1 son and I watched Journey to the Center of the Earth and I finished up the sleeves of the Diagonals cardigan. Or at least provisionally finished them. I have to see whether they actually fit the sweater before I can say they’re finished. However, I may finish up the cardigan entirely today. That would be nice.