I baked a Pi Day pie yesterday (Aunt Kitty’s Lemon Pie, to be precise), bought new blinds for the boys’ bedrooms, met with that client I mentioned,  did some content updates and responded to some work-related emails, cleaned and dusted the living room, talked with my daughters, and thought about my SWAP, though I didn’t actually take any actions on it at all.

Apart from these things, I knitted and read a frivolous book from Booksfree.

Salt Peanuts (the sweater from Interweave knits) begins with a moose lace ribbing. I’ll need to get you a better picture some day. Still, it is shiny and fluffy and lacy and ribby and pink, so any thoughts I had of having a simple understated rose beige cardi to give a little sophisticated sass to some neutral outift….

Well, I’m going to have a shiny, fluffy, lacy, ribby pink cardi. There are days for that, too.

I might be singing at the Monrovia Traditional Music Gathering this summer.