I finished the cotton cardigan I’ve been working on. It has no buttons, so I pinned the edges together here so it would stay on the hanger while I photographed it.  You can see in the photo below how nicely it shows the color of a shirt through its laciness.

I like this sweater a lot. I’ve begun another one. Yes, I did in fact spend some time yesterday knitting. I should have worked — I’m behind on grading and still have the Aussies to write for this week — but I just didn’t feel like it.

Other things I should do: housework, laundry, digging up the garden, clearing junk out of my bedroom, reviewing all the books that have been sent to me, cooking proper meals for my family…

Oh, well. It’ll all get done eventually, I suppose. I’ve got a site up at the WordPress Showcase, which is pretty cool. The site in question got quite a bit of traffic from being there, but only a few came on to my site from the link there. Makes sense. I still get the bragging rites.

Apart from that, I’m working on a whole bunch of interesting projects. I was feeling sorry for myself because I had planned to leave town for Spring Break, but that isn’t going to happen. #1 daughter points out that I’m a grown up and therefore don’t get Spring Break, but I do teach, so there’s some frail sense to my idea that I ought to get Spring Break, isn’t there? Maybe not.

My boys, who are actually college students, are both going South for the break, to beaches.

I plan to take up traveling at some point in the future. I’ll probably have to wait until the boys are out of school so I can afford it, but the desire to travel about and see the sites grows on me.

I was watching a DVD from Netflix called “Two Fat Ladies” about a couple of old Englishwomen who travel about with a motorcycle and sidecar, cooking things. They burst into song, say things like, “I blame the Ameddicans,” and cook up delicious-looking stuff. Obviously, they have a camera crew and much of the impression of just tootling around is an illusion, but they appear to take off with stuff in a wicker basket and otherwise no particular preparation at all. They cook in other people’s kitchens and seem entirely unencumbered.

I figure I could do that. Take my laptop and go roving.

#1 daughter and I do plan to visit a couple of tourist sites in our area on one day during Spring Break.That can count as travel.

My new knitting project is a wool sweater, one of the Bohus type. For these sweaters, you knit the body and sleeves up from the bottom, join them, and knit a colorwork yoke in the round.

I’m using a pattern from Vintage Modern Knits. I might change the colorwork design, though. Don’t those flowers look a bit like insects?

It’s time for colorwork, though. I’ve been doing lacy stuff for quite a long time, and there was #2 son’s completely plain sweater in the midst of it there, so colorwork it is.