I ended up spending much of yesterday getting my tax info in order. Not doing my taxes, mind you.  Just figuring out how much I earned and how much I spent.

Since half my income goes for college tuition for my kids, I hope my taxes won’t be too horrifying.

At least I have some numbers, though. I don’t know what that bookkeeper was doing all last year; she spent hours doing something, but my accounting software certainly didn’t have the information in it.

Having completed that entertaining job, I had leftover takeaway for lunch, spent half an hour with Wii Fit, and baked an orange marmalade cake. I’m sort of auditioning recipes for Easter. We seem to have very few people coming, so I can’t just make a whole bunch of desserts as I normally would.

I did a bit of knitting and reading, and watched Cheri from Netflix. I ordered printer ink, noticing that it will soon be cheaper just to buy a new printer. I hired a designer for an internal project and spent a bit more time trying to figure our which online tools we should sub to.

I’ll certainly have more expenses next year than I had in 2009. I think I’m making good choices and investments for the business, after having started with practically no investment at all, but that presumes that I continue earning as I have been. I guess if the things I’m spending money on don’t increase the business’s earnings, then I’ll know they were bad choices and can do better in the future. Printer ink is probably an unavoidable expense, though.

So, having failed to do housework or grading yesterday, it will be my fate to do those two things today. Plus a bit more for the Australians, for whom I did very little yesterday.

We have snow, as you can see. It’s still falling. A bit of work, a bit of housework, and then perhaps an afternoon before the fire with a book.