Three balls of Wonderwool on the way to becoming Salt Peanuts.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you for your kind comments.

I’m not going to church today. I’m able to be calm and behave normally, but probably not if I had to sing or if people were sympathetic. Which of course they would be. It’s good to be sympathetic, even, but I’m inclined to burst into tears when people are sympathetic to me.

It is of course perfectly acceptable to cry in church and also while grieving; I’m not suggesting otherwise. I’m just saying that I don’t quite feel up to it yet.

Janalisa brought us a wonderful brunch yesterday, and brought me up to speed on the news of the community, and I spent the entire day knitting and reading.

There’s work that ought to be done today, but I may just have to take another day of reading and knitting.

#1 daughter is leaving today, probably. It has been excellent to have her here. #2 daughter will be arriving on Wednesday.