3My carrots cakes turned out to be very cute, though admittedly different from the professional ones in the book.

I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen, but the kids went out in the evening and I read The Science of Discworld. I am enjoying it very much, since you ask.

The premise is that the wizards of the discworld have magically created a “roundworld” — ours, in fact — and the book runs through the beginnings of the universe with a big dose of Discworld-style narrativium.

I haven’t written much about it because so far it has run through quantum machanics, global warming, mass extinctions, evolution — yawn! — all the topics I have been reading about and therefore writing about since Ash Wednesday.3

Different points of view keep it interesting, but it is after all the same stuff. And, barring a few things that got discovered while I wasn’t paying attention (I was really busy in the 1980s), it is the same stuff I learned in school or in the news since. As The Science of the Discworld puts it in the introduction, “We have [written about] Schrodinger’s Cat, the Twins Paradox, and that bit about shining a torch ahead of a spaceship travelling at the speed of light. This is because, under the rules of the Science Writers’ Guild, they have to be included.”

(If you didn’t learn that stuff in school, you should ask for your money back.)

I look forward to reading novels again, beginning after lunch. Nonfiction, too, of course, but I want things lightened up a bit.

Today is Easter. If you are, like me, heading off to church for the most joyful celebration of the entire year and then gathering your available loved ones together for a feast, I wish you a very happy Easter indeed!

If not, enjoy your day as much as possible and I’ll see you tomorrow.