We got up at 4:00 to see #2 daughter off. She is a music minister, so it was a choice between 4:00 yesterday to get home at a reasonable hour, or 4:00 this morning to get to the church in time for the service.

I’m glad she stayed over. We made barbecue yesterday, with salads and home fries and homemade applesauce cake, and then all the young people went to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and my husband went to a Lao party, and I had the house to myself.

It was a perfect spring day, with a perfect temperature. There are only a few days like that each year, and it seems to me that they are like swimming. The air feels so nice that you can enjoy being in it the way you enjoy being in the water.

If you do, of course.

So I sat on the porch, admiring all the blooming things, reading and knitting and enjoying the quiet.

When the young people returned, we had dinner and then played cards.

It was a pleasant, normal day.

The computer is back from the computer hospital, and I intend to catch up on all your xangas and indeed on all non-work-related computer stuff. Then I have a quartet to sing in church, so I will be going to two services.

I hope today will also be a pleasant, normal day.