014 I got #1 son’s quilt sewn together this weekend. Yes, I know the corners don’t match properly, but if they did, he would feel as though someone else had made it, and not his mother.

My husband and I got the quilting frame out of the garage and set up, sandwiched the quilt top, backing, and batting, and put it in the frame.

Then #1 son came back from his adventure at Hueco Tanks. This is a climbing area in Texas, near El Paso, and the link goes to a place that appears to be about climbing there, but its main navigation also includes “Capitalism” and “Tyranny,” so use your own judgement.

It snowed one day, so they went to the Carlsbad Caverns. In the evenings they went to El Pasito and hung out, and they did a little sightseeing, but mostly it was serious climbing. Sounded fun, assuming thtat you’re 22 and quite fit.

#1 son told me all this over a dinner of chicken curry, rice, strawberries, cucumber, and pineapple upside down cake. Then he biked off and my husband and I bedded out a bunch of torenia (clown flower or wishbone flower, like a short snapdragon) and hypoestes (polka dot plant or nosy neighbor).

All in all, a very pleasant weekend. Usually on spring break I like to travel a bit, but instead I worked for 60 hours this week, so a restful weekend was just the thing.