Happy Easter!

I hope that you have a joyful Easter planned. There are baskets on our table filled with candy, books, and trinkets. We have colored eggs and banana nut bread that we made yesterday for our quick breakfast before the sunrise service. Any minute now I will go drag the kids out of bed. Since it is just us this year, we do not have to gussy up the house or make the meal very fancy, but there has to be a feast. So we will have sunrise service and the potluck there, then the Methodist service, then the grand Easter dinner, and then we will succumb to a surfeit of chocolate and jelly beans and relax the rest of the day.

Yesterday was quite relaxed, as well. We did all remaining errands, played chess, did some holiday preparations, and that was about it. Here is Hopkins’s sleeve, conforming to all the measurements my calculations called for. Sleeves are always a bit uncertain, adding suspense as we wait to find out whether the various pieces of the sweater will actually fit together. This is not an interesting picture at all, I must say. More swathes of gray stockinette. But I always like to see people’s knitting, so I feel that I should show you mine as well. Whether it is interesting or not. I did the sleeve mostly while talking with #2 daughter, who has to go back to school tomorrow. I think it would be nice if she could just stay here, though my friends who have college students at home assure me that it is better to have them at a distance.

Here is the flowerpot necklace we made. The shards are from a favorite antique plate which my husband broke last year. Better Homes and Gardens suggested wrapping bits of broken pottery with copper wire to make them into pendants, and then stringing them with beads on copper wire. This goes around the neck of a big flowerpot. We also added mismatched earrings and charms and random stuff. And we did not cut ourselves.Breaking the plate further in order to have pieces small enough for the project was the most difficult part — I took it out to the patio in a paper bag and whacked it with a pestle.

 It suits the flowerpot very well. Last year, I had this pot planted with ivy, violas, and torenia, but this year I might need to go with some brighter stuff. It is still too early to plant anything, but Easter is the guarantee that spring will be along just any time now, so thoughts of planting are no longer unreasonable.

Easter morning always brings up for me memories of dressing the children up warmly and meeting by the river for a true sunrise service. This was when we lived in the country, when the kids were small. We all shivered and watched the sun come up as we sang hymns to a guitar played by a stalwart fellow who was able to keep in tune even though it was so cold. The mist rising off the water added to the sense of atmosphere. The boys want to go to Our Church today — that is, the Presbyterian one — and I am very happy that they are going to church, even though the sun will be well up and we will be inside, unable to see it at all. In years past, our church had the sunrise service out in the courtyard. It was cold, admittedly, but it was A Tradition. The Methodists meet on top of Mt. S., at their camp, for sunrise service. All the local Methodist churches do this, so we will be going to the later service there. Some of our local churches are having six different services today, to accomodate everyone, no matter how late they like to sleep.

Well, if I do not go wake people, we won’t get there at all. Happy Easter!