Yesterday was a full work day, but I did spend the evening knitting and reading, and sometimes also watching Hotel Babylon. In fact, I was watching Hotel Babylon on Netflix and just went ahead and watched several episodes in a row, using the time not only to knit, but also to clean out my purses and tidy cabinets.

I then got back to a book I’m reading and it said to give up multi-tasking for a week.

Multi-tasking is out of fashion now. It used to be one of the mainstays of time management, but apparently it cuts productivity and makes us nuts. We’re not, the current research says, actually doing several things at once. We’re just shifting our attention from one thing to another really fast. We end up doing worse at both tasks than we would have had we given either our full attention.

I’m not sure that I need full attention to watch Hotel Babylon.

It seems to me also that if one task is more mental, like reading or watching TV, then we could do a more physical task like knitting or doing Wii Free Step at the same time, since the two use different parts of the brain. However, I have to admit that I am a confirmed multi-tasker, and I am going to try to do without it for a week and see where it gets me.