I’m back with a recipe I promised to Chanthaboune. This is Spicy Chicken with Pineapple Avocado Salsa, from Saving Dinner.

Combine all these things:
1 small can crushed pineapple
1 avocado, chopped
1 green onion, sliced
juice of half a lime
cayenne pepper to taste
1 t ground ginger (except I just put a slice of fresh ginger through my garlic press)
1 t cumin
2 T chopped cilantro

That’s the salsa. Now combine 2 T chili powder and 2 pressed cloves of garlic with a bit of olive oil and spread it on some boneless chicken. Saute the chicken, drizzle a bit of honey over it, and cook it till it’s nicely browned. Yum.

I went to church, where I mostly cried. I’m actually doing pretty well, now. Last night I had a moment where I felt happy — this is my default, actually, I normally feel happy, but I noticed it because I haven’t for a while. However, this was my first time out in public and of course my church family was being sympathetic and giving me hugs, and I absolutely can’t stay composed under those circumstances.

I’m not a decorous weeper, either. I’m a red-face sniffler. But next week is Holy Week and I have a whole bunch of singing to do, so I had to get it over with. And of course it is very comforting to have people being comforting, even if it does make me cry.

But it also felt like a faux pas, sitting and crying. And then I’d be planning music or practicing a solo or discussing the Lenten study and perfectly okay, and someone would come up and say something kind and I’d burst into tears and have to apologize to everyone. Well, this is why I’m not going out in public, isn’t it?

Can we talk about cell phone courtesy?

A while back I was in the Art Department ladies’ room and there was a girl sitting in there talking on her cell phone. It seems wrong, somehow, talking to people while peeing. And then I had to make a call during #2 daughter’s and my shopping trip, and she thought it would be fine to discuss webmaster negotiations while walking around the store, but I lurked in the handbag corner quietly till I finished the call. Given the fact that modern people walk around talking on their phones in public all the time, this probably made me more conspicuous than if I’d strolled unconcernedly through the shop, but I would have been uncomfortable.

Isn’t it all about public vs. private? It’s perfectly okay to use the bathroom, to make phone calls, and to cry, but they’re all things we ought to do in private, right?

You might have friends close enough that you don’t mind talking to them while they pee, I don’t mind telling The Computer Guy that our client says she loves him in front of my daughter, and my church family doesn’t hold it against me if I cry in front of them, but some things feel too public.

Or do they? This may be old-fashioned of me.