Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

It was very busy at work yesterday. The sale lured people in and the shelves are emptying, as intended. We were able to persuade people to go up to the other store and give it a look. The first online order of the New Regime came in, and the customer who placed it came into the store to tell us she had done so. She bought more items from the sale while she was there, and agreed to go visit the other store as well. One person who had been reached by the email chain or flyers came to shop with us for the first time because of the intrigue. People were sometimes sad and disappointed, but not so angry. There was in fact a fairly festive air most of the day.

Both my daughters called with birthday greetings. My boys came and brought lunch, and when I got home, I found that they had also made dinner and a cake. Today we are having lunch with my parents for further celebration.

Before that, I will be cleaning and decorating the Sunday School room.With a roll of Mavalus Tape, a garbage bag, a few yards of paper, and some outgrown art supplies from my crafts cupboard, I expect to effect a transformation. Most of the kids are off at a youth conference this weekend, so this will take the place of the lesson. Any stragglers who wander in will be pressed into service. I intend to wear jeans — the choir robe will cover the evidence when I am actually in church.

Last week, the Baritone suggested that choir robes were a good alternative to going to the gym regularly. I don’t know about that, but they do cover a multitude of sartorial lapses.

Amount of sewing accomplished so far this week: none.

However, I do expect to finish Pipes today.

Assuming that I am able to continue ignoring my messy house.