Sighkey asked what “frogging” means. It means pulling out your knitting. You “rip-it, rip-it.” And I did, too. I knitted until it was obvious that the bathmat could not be completed according to the pattern with the specified amount of the specified yarn (do I sound a little bitter toward that book?), and pulled it back to the end of the third pattern repeat. Then I did the edging. Sigh. It is a nice mat, though, even if it is smaller than it should have been. I wouldn’t want a sweater made of this stuff, but I love linen pillowcases and good cotton sheets, and this linen/cotton mix is very nice for home furnishings. Although Dr. Drew questioned whether people could really step on such a wonderful thing comfortably.

We enjoyed the visit with #2 daughter and the guys. Mostly we talked and ate and played games. There was a little music, a little sightseeing, and the kids all went and shot some hoops in the dark last night. #2 daughter sang very beautifully in church, and Orgue joined us for lunch. Then we had dinner with my parents.

The boys and I went to a bead shop and found box after box of wonderful beads (I guess this is what you would expect to find in a bead shop, but I had never been to one before). I have been toying with the idea of making a piano bench cover from the same book that let me down so badly with the bathmat pattern. They have a pattern for a beaded piano cushion. #2 daughter thought it was a bit over the top, but now that I have seen all those little boxes of beads, I am thinking it would be fun.

We have lovely spring weather, too. I hope your weekend was as nice as mine.