Friday I taught my class, and I had a meeting with The Computer Guy a bit later than that. Rather than going home, therefore, I stopped off at the fancy shopping mall between the place where I teach on Fridays and his office, and took myself out to lunch.

I went to the very large bookstore there (a chain, but I enjoyed it anyway, and they had the latest issue of Practical Web Design) and also to Sephora, where I bought a lipstick.

Having had this mad adventure, I went on to the meeting. It was just like our usual meetings, until the New Guy came in. At that point, we got into a philosophical and artistic discussion of form, function, and aesthetics. 

Back when I worked with people, I always enjoyed shoptalk of this slightly elevated kind, and I guess that’s  probably the only thing I miss about working with other people, so I was glad I stayed for a little bit of that. When I got home, though, it was a mad rush to finish up the blog posts and get everything done before the family festivities, and no actual cleaning got done.

Both the girls came for the weekend, and we had  a nice balance of playing Rock Band and talking about their adventures, business meeting, and family time. We had lunch with my dad, and my birthday present yarn arrived. This is make-make flavor baby alpaca, and it’s amazingly soft and pretty. I think it may have to be a shawl or scarf of some kind. I also worked on my Telemark sweater a bit while we chatted.

My dad brought us a DVD of an old home movie, which we all watched. We have never been much on home movies in my family, though we had a lot of them in the family I grew up in, so the kids were pretty amazed by it. My brother’s kids were in it. His children have a set of matching names: Kari, Corey, and Casey. We all found it a bit confusing, but my husband reminded us that he for some time thought it was Kari, Corey, and Crazy. We had forgotten about that.

“We were so skinny!” #1 daughter remarked, and #1 son said, “Yeah, you’ve really beefed up a lot since then,” with a bit of sarcasm. A silence ensued. #2 daughter had been out on the town the night before with The Computer Guy and some buddies of his, and one had informed her that she was “very sharp and pointy.” The girls have been trying to gain weight this year, without much success. I’ve been trying to lose weight, also without much success. This weekend we’ve had fried chicken, doughnuts, pizza, and a lavish restaurant meal (I had grilled fish; the girls had things in cream sauces) and have had no exercise of any kind. By Monday, I will have gained five pounds and they will have lost half a pound, I’m quite sure. Sigh.

#2 daughter has just left, since she is music minister at a church. If she drives fairly briskly, she’ll be there in time to conduct this morning’s service.