Here’s what I did yesterday:

I slept in until 6:00 and then answered email and headed up to the tech training.

At the tech training, I pushed buttons and waited while people all over the room were unable to find the buttons, or thought they had pushed the right buttons but got totally astonishing results, or were on the wrong screen entirely and had to be rescued. Then, when the next PowerPoint screen arrived, I’d push another button and wait some more.

I’ve been there. Most recently, on the phone with the Computer Guy going, “click parts? oh, quick parts, wow, I’ve never noticed that before… nope, I clicked on it but… oh, okay, start with a new document, got it…” Therefore, I wasn’t cross or impatient or anything. I also didn’t jump up and help people. I made myself a completely neutral face and kept it for five hours.

There may have been a shocked expression when I saw that the html for this program is absolutely stuffed with deprecated elements, but I like Blackboard way better than WebCT, and there are worse ways to spend a morning.

Then I came home and started in on the ABNA reviews, of which I have seven still left to do. The deadline is midnight tonight, so I’ll be coming home directly after church to finish them up.

I stopped doing the reviews around 7:00 p.m. and went with #2 son to forage for dinner. We came home with frozen ravioli and “Burn After Reading.”

Along in there someplace, Chanthaboune came onto the IM and told me about this amazing wonderful yarn she had bought: Wonderwool glanzeffect.

She had bought some in a color that I’ve had on my mind a lot lately. I’m planning my SWAP in blue, green, and camel, based on the colors in my fabric stash, so that I can dress properly for my five day a week teaching this summer without buying any new clothes. But the color I’ve been thinking about is rose beige. This yarn appears to be in that shade. Also, Chanthaboune said it was super soft, and subtly shiny, and felt like cotton candy to knit with.

I ordered some. It is all Chanthaboune’s fault.

I had to come back. First, I needed to show you the color in question in the context in which I saw it and was smitten. Doesn’t it look about the same, though perhaps a bit darker? and isn’t is a marvelous color? I think we haven’t seen this color around much lately, so it looks fresh and exciting again when perhaps we had all gotten tired of it last time it was in fashion, whenever that was.

Second, I had to point out, having been inspired by Princess Smartypants, that buying that yarn was my patriotic duty, in light of the recession. I bought it from a small business in America.

And what would I have done with that money otherwise? Paid taxes or my kids’ tuition or something dull like that which wouldn’t have assisted the economy at all.

Seriously, do you remember when the government was telling us that it was our patriotic duty to go shop in order to stimulate the economy? I thought at the time that it was pretty lame advice.

It is such a gorgeous day that now that I have completed the ABNA reviews — yes I have! — I am going to go outside and enjoy the gorgeosity of it for a while before I get to grading those papers and doing the Blackboard followup required for certification.