Daylight Saving Time today, so I am feeling a bit disoriented and probably will continue to feel that way for a day or two.

Yesterday was a very busy day, but enjoyable. I got to talk with all of my kids, at one point or another. I got the grocery shopping done 3(see the refilled jars at right), baked some bread from a new recipe my mother sent me and made some spicy soup with elegant French green lentils. My friend The Chemist and I made a plan for organizing the music, though we had hardware troubles that kept us from really getting started on it. You should have seen us there in the choir room, staring at the antedeluvian computer like paleobiologists who had encountered a live dinosaur. I finished the sleeve cap of Erin while watching yet more election news with my husband. He does not get bored with this stuff. I spoke on the phone with all my hostesses. I ran through some songs. I did my Amazon reviews and a post.

There were also things I did not get done. I got to the post office too late to mail the stuff I was supposed to have mailed. They close at 2:00 on Saturdays, it turns out, and then they have a huge banner outside saying to try the automatic package machine, which is matched with a big sign inside saying that the automatic package machine is out of order.I did not get any housework done. I did not fit in a walk. And while I did call my hostesses, I did not call any of the rest of my customers.

Probably the most interesting family event yesterday was that #2 son won a Voodoo Crash Pad, an item for climbing which he could never have afforded. Fortunately, we are a very lucky family and frequently win things. You know how people win things and say, “I never win things”? That’s not us. We win things all the time. I don’t know why this should be. It is possible that we are insanely optimistic people and only remember all the wins, while those other folks actually win things as well, but never remember it. But the crash pad joins the mountain bike and the go-kart in the hall of cool stuff the family has won.

I must try to wake up in time for early church. I am not singing today, but I think I must go anyway, for reasons which almost escape me right now in my time-change-induced disorientation, but I know they include wanting to hear this morning’s soloist.