We had a nice Easter. All the kids were home, a rare event, and we visited my parents.

Even though my kids are all pretty big now, they still wanted Easter baskets, so  we had those along with breakfast.

I went to early service at one church and came home and got #2 daughter for the second service at the other church.

I got to sing the Hallelujah Chorus twice, and the second church had brass and tympani.

#1 son had to work on Easter Sunday, so we had our Easter dinner the day before, but the leftovers were quite good on Easter day as well.

With Easter past, life settled back into its routine: lots of work. However, I did have some social events this week, I got some knitting in, and I’m doing at least a little bit of housework every day. Yesterday I didn’t work at all.

We’ve been having dramatic weather here, but I’ve planted some things and they’re mostly up and looking cheerful. I may get around to planting the rest of the garden today, since things seem to have settled down a bit. Spending time in the garden is a satisfying thing to do.