I went to the grocery yesterday, cleaned my kitchen and bedroom (or at least removed a layer or two of dirt and debris) , and cooked a couple of proper meals. My husband came with me to the farmer’s market and helped pick vegetables, and then joined me at the grocery store, where he resisted the temptation to buy meat with fat on it.

I’m not joking here. He told me, as we were driving home, that he was planning to buy lean meat for me and the boys(we did that part) and fat meat for himself, but decided that I wouldnt’ approve of it.

The doctor no longer even checks my husband’s cholesterol, because it is, as they always used to say, “like a sixteen year old” and I guess they all got tired of having to listen to him sweetly announcing that he smoked and never exercised and ate as much fat as possible.

A little bit of lolling took place — I finished the book club book and started on one I need to review for Amazon Vine. My daughters and I also got together to work on our SWOT. That’s a chart of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for our hypothetical (or planned — take your pick) online marketing agency. We set it up as a grid on Google Docs and IMed “bingo!” when we got it filled out.

I also had further discussions with the chocolatier, but didn’t grade papers or make much progress with the article for Today’s Man.

I’m working on the part about Little Rock. Obviously, I need to take some men to Little Rock and try out the bars, interviewing people as I go. That worked really well here in my town.

Anyone who’d like to do that for me is warmly welcome to do so. Just ask any guys you fancy “Do you feel that living here is an urban experience?” The guys I asked had lots to say, and gave me their names,too. Of course, I am a nice, harmless matronly lady old enough to be their mothers, but if you are a young lady, you could probably ask for their phone numbers and get them. A notebook and a fascinated expression do the trick.

However, since I didn’t run down to Little Rock yesterday, I needed to do online research,a nd I didn’t get it done yesterday. So I got an email from the editor asking where the piece was. Asking nicely, mind you, but I was surprised. I mean, I’m a computer guy so I know that weekends are not different from weekdays, but I thought a magazine might be different. I had sent them an email on Friday night saying it would be later, but it must have gone astray.

So I was up at four writing about Little Rock dueling piano bars, and I’d appreciate any personal experience any of you have to offer. A quote from a man living there would be really perfect. I’ll check when I get back from church and see whether anyone has left one here. Wouldn’t that be cool?