Yesterday included errands, lunch with a friend,  progress on #1 son’s quilt, and also the planting of our little back vegetable garden.

My husband and I went to the local nursery, since it’s clearly too late for seeds. I had thought I’d buy the plants at the farmers market, but carrying all those plants around in a string bag seemed impractical.

So we went to the nursery. My husband had decided that we would have exactly twelve denizens in our little garden this year, so we went to the vegetable section and picked out a dozen stalwart specimens. I wanted to get things like Bengal Orange trees and tuberose, but we were firm and brought home tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and peppers and that is all. The plants were then planted correctly in three tidy rows of four.

Our front flower garden is also tidy this year. My husband pulled out all the perennials that #2 son and I planted some years ago, along with the poison ivy that had infiltrated, last year. This year, he planted torenia and nosy neighbor in neat geometrical rows.

This is the kind of garden he likes.

I like wild jungly gardens, but I’ve had no garden at all for the past couple of years, so I’m content.

We have containers on the patio that are a bit wilder, though each one contains just one plant. My husband put all the herbs into containers, one herb per pot.

I’m sure it will be quite nice, probably all summer, even at the end when my gardens usually get so jungly that they hardly qualify as gardens any more.

I’m not teaching this summer. If I get all my grading done today, I can begin next week with a sense of calm. I already have a week’s worth of work lined up, including some interesting projects. I also plan to finish that quilt binding, and to go to the movies after church with #1 daughter. All this hinges on my completing the work for my Aussies before church, so I’ll go do that now. Happy Mothers Day!