Rough winds, we’re told, do shake the darling buds of May, and here they are, being roughly shaken. The blossoms have mostly been shaken to bits, and we have some limbs down, too.

However, half our state has been declared a disaster area, so I’m not complaining.

Yesterday and today we’ve had this very impressive scholar at our church teaching us about the Book of Revelation. He takes a completely different perspective on the book from anything I’ve heard before (though in this morning’s sermon he admitted that it was a crazy book, which has always been my own view) and I’m looking forward to reading his books on the subject.

We sang Followers of the Lamb , a crazy-sounding song which seems more suited to being the sound track for a witch’s dance over a bonfire than for a main line church service, so it was probably just the thing.

Here are the lesser-known darling lettuces of May. I came home and cut some leaves for our lunch. In a bit I’m going to go clean the kitchen, and possibly also  make a Savarin, because I have rum, fresh lemon balm (seen in the bottom of the picture at right). honey, yeast, and berries in the house all at the same time. How often does this happen?

Possibly all the time in well-ordered households,  but mine isn’t really a well-ordered household, though I’m working on it.

I’ve made quite a bit of progress, really. I’m keeping to a good schedule and worked fewer than 50 hours this week. I’m aiming at 40 hours with no loss of income, with the assistance of highly organized #1 daughter. I’ve managed to get in exercise and cooking and recreational reading every day, too.

I also made the first FO for my Summer Tops Project, seen here in several of my rotten photos. It’s Butterick 5354 and I used a nice heavy cotton interlock knit which I bought a couple years ago at Hancock’s Fabric.

It was easy, and I think it turned out well, though the facing isn’t lying flat, as many sewing bloggers have complained it doesn’t. 

It’s comfortable, it fits well with no alterations, and it looks respectable under a jacket. I plan to make more of these with different sleeve options. I may try binding the top edge of something to deal with the matter of the facing.

Today I plan to make, or at least start, top #2. That’ll be after the cleaning and baking.

I’m also supposed to start a summer Bible study with #2 daughter. The book reached her building earlier in the week, but she has to work hard to get packages away from the office in her building, so we’ll see whether she was actually able to get the book or not.

The study is by Beth Moore, who is a famous writer of Bible study materials for women, but a bit more of a fundamentalist than either #2 daughter or I. A bit more emo than me, for sure. We’re open-minded, though, and this is a study for people making changes in their lives, so I’m looking forward to it. Also, it involves reading the psalms, which is always a pleasure. The last study we did together was on relativity, and it’s been a couple of years, so I’m also looking forward to doing some study with #2 daughter.

Amid all these fun things I have planned, I also have to finish calculating my grades and get them turned in. This I am not looking forward to. I don’t know why it is that I hate paperwork as much as I do. I enjoy calculating statistics and poring over data and stuff like that, but I hate this grading process so much that I think of quitting every time I do it.

It’s like inventory. In fact, it’s exactly like taking inventory. Possibly because there’s no discovery involved; it’s just taking data that already exists in one place and putting in into another, and what could be more clearly a waste of time?
I hope to get it done tonight, anyway, because I have a lot of other more interesting work to do this coming week, and I’d like to begin the week with pleasure, instead of by dreading the grades.

If I have a clean kitchen, the backlog of last week’s work finished, and a couple of new tops to wear, I will surely be able to face Monday morning with eagerness.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. There’s quite a bit of today left to enjoy.