Sunday May 16, 2010

Here is a messy and chaotic picture showing my sewing progress.

The large gray thing is a woven T in slate-blue linen which just needs a few more inches of hemming. The pile of blue stuff is a Prudence blouse in the making. It has all its major seams completed and you can see a bit of it below.

This is a blouse from Hot Patterns. It took me nearly two hours to prepare, pin, and cut out. Partly this is the pattern, and partly it’s the fabric — a very filmy,slippery chiffon from CD’s donated stash.

Fabrics like this don’t hold their shape. It also has no right or wrong side, which makes it hard to figure out how to put the pieces together. It’s sort of like sewing a jellyfish.

Actually, it’s nothing at all like sewing a jellyfish. Sewing a jellyfish would be painful and messy. This stuff just slithers around confusingly.

The geometry of the pattern is simple, and it’s sensible, too. I’ll make another, I think, in a crisper fabric, and it’ll have a completely different effect.

So yesterday I sewed till the boys got up, and did a little grocery shopping, and bought doughnuts at the American bakery. It was raining, and I have #2 son home for just a couple of weeks and #1 daughter was coming in, so I skipped the hike and sewed some more.

I also got the grades finished.  This is my least favorite part of teaching. I don’t like giving grades anyway, and we have a baroque and rather stupid system, too, so it’s pretty unpleasant, and but it’s good to be through.

The other unpleasant thing which isn’t finished is dealing with paperwork.The boys’ college stuff requires whole bunches of it. Not to mention going out in the rain to make more copies of tax and insurance documents, plus the jolly fun of searching through my badly-kept files for missing documents while my children lecture me about the importance of keeping proper files.

#1 daughter arrived, and we spent the afternoon and evening in light conversation while everyone but me played video games. I did hemming. At one point, #2 son explained to us that he had learned in econ the right way to grow a business: when your income is much greater than your costs and you’re working to capacity, you invest in your business. Then your revenue is lower for a while, relative to your costs. When the ratio shifts again, you invest some more. We felt as though we were doing this properly and felt validated. We also discussed good and evil and whether they can be scientifically determined (we say no, on the grounds that the definition of the words precludes it — you could only say that something was functional or adaptive), where the boys should spend the summer, #1 daughter’s very cool new car, and movies.

So it was a pleasant, low-key day, and I expect more of the same today, though I have to go play bells in church first. We are accompanying a teenage violinist. The piece was amazingly bad at rehearsal — the kind of thing that makes you wonder why everyone is continuing to play. The horrible noises go on and everyone keeps making them, in a fatalistic death march of bad music.

Fortunately, the people of the church love us and are always very supportive of this girl, and so we will, this morning, make incredibly unpleasant noise for three minutes and it’ll be over.

I don’t feel well this morning, physically. There was a spell last year when I was waking up not feeling well, and I decided that I was eating wrong and not exercising and working too much and not sleeping enough, and that may be true now, too. I had improved, and perhaps I have not backslidden. On the other hand, it could also be allergies, what with all the sneezing and nose-blowing.

#2 son and I were talking about the fact that we aren’t bothered by minor physical ailments (though I do have allergies, which he does not). He likes to quip, “It’s because I’m a good person,” while I always say, “Clean living.”

This is pretty obnoxious of us. However, I think maybe yesterday’s doughnuts and pizza and ice cream and staying up late, combined with a 70 hour work week, might be at fault. I’m going to take allergy medicine to hedge my bets.






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  1. chanthaboune Avatar

    I think you have backslidden, just fyi. Not that I’m one to talk.

  2. fibermom Avatar

    @chanthaboune – 

    Yeah, I think I’ve backslidden badly.