#2 daughter came in  yesterday morning. We went down to the farmers market, where we bought radishes of various kinds, and onions and mangetout peas and strawberries and gooseberries, and thence to the LYS where #2 daughter bought a sweater’s worth of Creative Focus Silk, and lovely stuff that is, too. You can see the beginnings of her sweater, along with the middle of my Salt Peanuts cardigan. Next was the bakery for croissants and multi-grain bread, and then the meat market for chicken, garlic, and dark chocolate.

Our lunch was pleasant. The guests were The Computer Guy and his good friend from high school who is in visiting his parents for the week. This young man is also a good friend of my girls, and was in my Sunday School class in his younger days, and his parents are old friends of mine, so we have a long history.

All the women of my generation wanted this guy as a son-in-law. None of our daughters had any interest in marrying him. They all like him, and went dancing with him and hung out with him and probably complained to him about the completely unsuitable boys they chose to date.

He told us, in his polite, preppy way, about his plans to overthrow the government. He’s in law school. #2 son joined us, too. He talked about “Waiting for Godot,” Camus’s The Stranger, and Metropolis. Also about his new coaching job. We all talked about economics, Facebook, Twitter, TV, mint juleps, board meetings, final exams, distance learning, farm animals, child abuse, the justice system, con men, music, and why young people don’t read fiction.

After our guests left, we failed to go to the crawfish boil, and instead stayed in watching Hot Fuzz and eating popcorn and all the leftovers from lunch.

A nice way to spend a Saturday.

Here’s this morning’s breakfast. We are engaged in becoming late for church.