5We survived Graduation Day.

One of the high points of the day was when, in the course of our plumbing adventures, my husband blew out the pilot light of the water heater. He did this by remote control, so to speak, from outside the house, while fooling around with anything that might be a pipe, so we didn’t realize it until #1 son had to shower in cold water for his graduation. It took a mere hour for us to isolate and solve that problem.

My call to the gas company was a low point.

Another high point was the celebratory lunch, just a little family party with #1 son’s favorite foods.5

The local bakery (not the French bakery, but the one where the handsomest man in town works) made funny little cakes with the high school mascot, so we had one of those in addition to a homemade lemon pound cake.

Let’s see… what other high points were there in the day? Grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, a lecture from my husband on how I should have been cleaning, #2 son’s gymnastics, picking up a few patterns at the Simplicity 99 cent pattern sale… No high points there.

Possibly the time involved in helping #1 son tie a half-Windsor, with the aid of an online guide.

5I have been told to quit bragging about my kids, but I am allowed to mention how handsome and grown-up he looked, right?

And there were new security measures at the graduation. Only one entrance was open, and there were tables there where people checked our bags for handguns. It is still a little shocking to me to encounter things like that.

But of course the real high point of the day was the graduation. Seeing the kids whom we have know since they were tiny walk up for their diplomas, sharing the happiness with old friends, the caps in the air — definitely the real high point.

#1 son went after dinner to the annual graduation lock-in, so he hasn’t returned yet, but we can feel confident that he will. I am glad that they do this. They lock the kids in at the university gym, with games and dancing and sports and stuff, and give them breakfast in the morning before sending them home. It has cut down severely on the post-graduation party drunk driving accidents in our town.

Knitting pictures tomorrow. I’ll just say very quickly that, should you want to knit “Cherry Bomb” from Big Girl Knits, you should think twice about the part right after the underarm shaping where it says “Knit 42 rows stockinette.” I don’t know what they meant to say, but that was not it.