I finished #1 son’s quilt, and started on a sewing project I’ve been planning for some time: the long sleeved cardigan  from this pattern.

It gets great reviews around the blogosphere, though people also consistently report problems with both the collar and the sleeves. Their photos end up looking like the drawing, though, so I’m forging ahead.

I’m not forging very fast, because yesterday, as I was being very cautious with the collar, #1 daughter arrived for our Girls Day Out.

We’re having one of these in part because the business is doing very very well since we hired a salesperson. See, our approach to sales was simple: if someone contacted us, we answered them. If they asked for a proposal or a meeting, we obliged.

The salesperson has a much more proactive approach.

This means that we’re working a whole lot. Now, we were working a whole lot before, too, so we need to hire another helper, but we also feel more financially confident. With meetings and conference presentations coming up,we decided that we should reward ourselves for the years when we worked a whole lot without financial confidence.

There are plenty of ways we could have rewarded ourselves, but it seemed to us that it’s better for the business if our clients see us as successful businesspeople rather than as exhausted, stressed people. We decided to go to the mall in the County to the North and see if we couldn’t improve our professional looks.

We had a nice lunch/business meeting and nearly ordered cocktails. I think we’re not quite to that point, which might be just as well, since cocktails don’t actually improve your appearance at all.

I got my hair cut. We played at the makeup store, though we didn’t buy anything there. #1 daughter bought some pretty sundresses for the conference after parties. I even bought a couple of garments. I’m trying to branch out a bit, but I ended up with this pink linen shirt which is exactly the sort of shirt I always buy.

#1 daughter pointed out that the shop where I bought this shirt has a very distinctive style. It’s a perfectly good style, and I can always be assured of finding age appropriate clothing in my size when I go there, so I always go there. Sort of predictable.

However, I did buy a hair product. The hairdresser talked with me about arcane hairdressing stuff. I think that when people talk to me about arcane stuff in most circumstances, I put some energy into keeping up and understanding what they’re saying. In hair salons, I almost exaggerate my ignorance and behave as though I’m too stupid to catch on. I think this is self defense: I don’t want them thinking that I’m capable of styling my hair on my own, because I’m not, so it’s important that they give me a really good haircut that can stand on its own.

Still, this hairdresser was so nice that I did in fact buy one of her products. She explained to me that the wheat protein in this stuff expands when wet and then contracts when dry, intensifying curls and waves. She showed me in great detail the correct way to put “product” on one’s hair. This is apparently the right way to say it: product. I guess that makes sense, since there are so many things that people put on their heads. You need a generic term. The stuff cost as much as the haircut.

It was fun. We might do it again next season, if things continue to go as well as they have been. There might be cocktails.