The roses are looking very beautiful — crimson Falstaff and the faint pink of New Dawn. We’re going to plant some tomatoes today to keep them company. We also have a nice crop of mint and unfortunately some poison ivy as well.

This may be it for the garden this year.

I’ve been out having fun most weekends lately, and some weekdays as well, and we plan to go to Wordcamp next weekend, so it’s been nice having a weekend at home.

I finished the Prudence blouse. It’s quite flowing and poufy, but pretty and easy to make. 

I even succeeded with the buttonholes. This fabric is one that CD gave to me. I would not have looked at it in the fabric store, but I like it. That random opportunity for serendipitous discovery is what makes me accept most recommendations from Netflix, accept book club books, and otherwise remain open to chance suggestions.

It’s probably why I like to take classes, too. It’s so easy nowadays to watch and hear and learn and see only what we choose. How can we expect any surprises that way?

My current SWAP is being made almost entirely with hand-me-down fabrics, so it is giving me many random opportunities.

It’s also coming together quite well. I not only finished the blouse, but also sewed up the major  seams for the beige linen pants. I’ve completed two other tops, and the jacket —

Ah,yes, the jacket. It’s at the point where I should do the buttonhole and the topstitching. What this mean to me is that I now have the chance to ruin it completely,

Not only does this color work well with all the other pieces of the SWAP, but it’s a very good color for me. This is a good style for me, too, and I put it together thus far without any major problems or errors.

It’s a really nice,  heavy linen. I’ve sewn my antique buttons onto it.

All it would take is one messed up buttonhole and some unsuccessful topstitching to move it from success to failure. I could, it’s true, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here very easily.

So what am I doing about that? I’m letting it sit around on a hanger, doing nothing.

Clearly, it’s doing me no good as it is. Not jumping in and completing it is in that way just as bad as completing it badly.

I’m not sure what the solution is. I’ll think about it if there are any boring bits at church today.