I made raspberry-lemon muffins, and went to the grocery store. Then my husband and I went to farmers market, followed by a stop at a bike shop. We’re thinking about getting #1 son a new bike. #1 daughter feels that we should do this in recognition of his services to the company, and we can make the search and purchase project (as well as numerous future bike-related topics) into a posting at our new outdoor sports blog, so the whole thing can be tax deductible.

Accordingly, she took #1 son to a different bike shop, and we compared notes. My husband also did some repairs on one of the boys’ old bikes so that #1 daughter can have a bike as well.

No actual physical activity apart from walking took place. We grilled teriyaki chicken and pineapple, hotdogs, and vegetables on skewers. We had conversations about soccer and stuff like that. We listened to the demo #1 son’s band made.

When the young people left, my husband returned to his repair work and I to my sewing. I would have pictures, except that I let an employee use my camera and haven’t gotten it back yet. I therefore show you a picture of a steamer chair. I love these. I’ve been thinking of putting a table and chairs onto the very small patio in the very narrow back yard, but the kids say we wouldn’t eat out there with the flies and such. I do read out there, though, and #1 son does, too. My husband sits outside contemplating life. We currently have one chaise longue, a steel one. If we had a couple more chaises, we could all sit out in the evenings swatting mosquitoes and reading together.

This is my favorite kind of outdoor chair. Naturally, it makes me think of cruises to Antibes or down the Nile or something. They have these all over the internet at a wide range of prices, some low enough that I could spring for a couple even if the company is also buying a bike. If I do it now, I can enjoy it before it becomes so hot that no reasonable person wants to go outside.

The danger is that doing so would rekindle my desire for a fire pit. A few years back I suddenly developed a desire for one of these things. I have no need of a fire pit, and scarcely room for one. I don’t know what possessed me to decide that I wanted one. I resisted the temptation then. I suppose I could resist it now, too, even with steamer chairs on hand.