How far have we gotten with our sewing marathon?

Well, I bought groceries and went to work, while #2 daughter went on a date. In the afternoon, it was back to the fabric store for pins (and snaps for work). Then we went, at That Man’s suggestion, to a new bookstore on the south side of town. It is fun to go to a new independent bookstore, even though you have to think “How long will they be there? Three months?”

This bookstore has birds in it, which is picturesque, but I am allergic to them, so I had to leave more quickly than I would otherwise have chosen to, and I won’t go back. And of course they are competition for our children’s book business. Still, I wish them well. I got the impression that they might be a Lesbian hangout, so they may have enough of a special niche to survive.

They are also right next to the French bakery — or not more than four doors down — so #2 daughter and I strolled on over and indulged in brown butter and fresh pear tart and a nice pot of Earl Grey tea. Conversation flourished.

Once we got home, it was time to leave again to pick up #2 son for the movies. We saw The Da Vinci Code, which was very well filmed. The excessive easiness of the puzzles was more obvious in the movie even than in the book, I thought, and the violence had me closing my eyes a lot, but it was well done. #2 daughter hasn’t read the book, but still enjoyed it. I can’t say the rest of the things I would like to say about this movie without giving away the surprises, so I won’t.

We ran into my son-in-law’s parents in the parking lot. Fortunately, #2 daughter recognized them. It is embarrassing that I do not recognize them, but I maintain that it is their own fault because they keep changing their hair and clothing. She’ll have a gray bell of hair and beige tailor-mades one time, and then the next she’s a tousled redhead in capris. How can I be expected to keep track?

We cut a few things, including a top for the Sew? I Knit sewalong. No sewing took place. I did my storyboard, though, with my obviously limited graphic skills and in spite of the fact that I do not have all the fabric swatches yet. I think it is possible that I will still make a summer top or two during the sewalong, in spite of the thorough planning going on here. Or, ideally, I’ll do it within the parameters of my Australian sewing plan.

We found that the storyboard idea was helpful, as we tended to ask each other, “What was I going to make with this?” This is surely more a result of our having done a stock-up at the fabric sale, than of scattiness or excessive distraction. Or not. In any case, I can see that the chances of our keeping the plan clearly in mind through the whole process without some sort of documentation would be slim. Some folks make electronic ones online, and sort of electronically check the pieces off as they are completed, but of course I do not know how to do that.

I am intending to get the machine up and running before church this morning.

There was also haircutting. #2 daughter gave #2 son a trim when she first got home from England, but he still had the mop seen on the right.  He asked her to give him a buzz cut and she obliged. I advised against it, actually, and offered to take him to the barber. He said that going to a barber and asking for a buzz cut was like going to the dentist to have your teeth brushed. Apparently, everyone does this cut at home. In fact, he remarked, his friend the Falcon was going to do it for him. #2 daughter did an excellent job. He looks great. It emphasizes his eyes. Will people fail to recognize him? It is possible.

Knitting took place. I am finishing up the top ribbing on the last sleeve while I read blogs this morning. I will be putting this baby together today.

It is time to begin planning the next project. My own Jasmine sweater? That would be the obvious choice. And yet, I actually have yarn for two other sweaters on hand, plus there is Erin already underway. No, it is in the 90s. Forget Erin. I will contemplate this question while I bind off.