The Regal Orchid Jasmine sweater is finished! This is a lovely sweater, soft and pretty and very feminine. Not hot, either, so the recipient — my dear college chum M — should be able to wear it now and in the future.

I will be shipping it off on Tuesday. Then I shall begin my own Jasmine sweater. And #2 daughter wants one, too, so I guess that will be my summer knitting.

This is “Jasmine” from Elsebeth Lavold’s Summer Breeze collection, in Endless Summer’s Luna, color Regal Orchid. I can recommend pattern and yarn without reserve.

I took a picture of this sweater hanging up, as well, which solved the foreshortening effect of photographing it on the table, but hides the lace, so I am not including it in the post..

The pattern is clear, well-written, and not difficult. I found no errors and made no changes.