Here is the completed scarf, with fringe. I had never added fringe to anything before… just never came up. I may do it again at some point in the future, though. Today I will take the shawl to Mrs. M, the Keeper of the Prayer Shawls.

Yesterday I picked Partygirl up for lunch, thus getting an opportunity to stroll through her rose garden. I call it hers, but it is her husband who actually grows the roses. It has beds the size of mine, with equal numbers of roses — but she has dozens of beds. It’s pleasant to stroll through.

Then I spent some time in my own garden, and finally came in to the cool of the house to read The Serpent in the Garden,  which is largely about the growing of pineapples. So a fairly garden-filled day overall. I find that many of the other xangans are out in their gardens, too. There we all are, in our respective gardens enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and colors and scents. “Do you question,” a character in Gleeson’s book asks, “that gardening is a prerequisite of civilized society?”

The book is irritating to me, though, because the language seems unnatural. It sounds as though Gleeson is using words she isn’t really comfortable with — as though she wrote it one way and then went with a thesaurus and changed “face” to “physiognomy” and so forth. The choice of words is just slightly off all the way through — as though she were trying to make a certain impression, but without really being familiar enough with the characters to make it convincing. I like words, I don’t object to people using words not only for the sake of communication but also for mere fun, but the unnaturalness of the language intrudes into the story. I may or may not finish it.

In the evening a group of boys came over. They are still sleeping on the sofa bed, though Dr. Drew is expected momentarily. Then we will have church and then the preparations for tomorrow’s cookout will commence. I intend to do everything in a lazy and desultory fashion over the course of the next 24 hours, so that the overall sense of a leisurely weekend will not be shattered.

There may very well be pineapple boats.