FO #4 for my STP. This is a really lovely linen from… ummm… that online fabric store that specializes in linen.

The fact that I can’t remember the name of the store indicates how long I’ve had this fabric.

My plan with the STP (Summer Top Project) involved buying a bunch of print fabrics at bargain prices and sewing up print tops to liven up my wardrobe for the summer. I have instead so far made one print top from the fabrics ordered for the purpose and three from solid colors I had hanging around.

Oh well.

This is Butterick 5470. It has this top, both in this short length and as a dress, plus a jacket and pants. I might make one or the other of those pieces, too. However, I must first make a print top.

I’m really happy with this one, though. I love to wear linen and it’s a pleasure to sew with such a high quality fabric. It’s a great color, and I did the major seams on the sewing machine but all the edges (hem plus top and armholes with self bias strips instead of a facing) by hand, so I was able to sit on the sofa like a great lazy sofa sitter and watch British comedies on Netflix instant watch.

Sure, I also spent some time working and did the grocery shopping, but mostly I was pretty lazy.

#1 son’s band played at a local watering hole for the release party of a new local compilation CD on which they have a track. #1 daughter went along to represent the family. She stopped off to talk for a bit first.

In the course of conversation she remarked that our company’s Facebook page “looks like c***.” She tends to be pretty scornful of the work we do, and I’d like her to get over it.

Somehow it seems like a problem that she has a low opinion of our stuff. Maybe not. She is a back office person, and I’ve met plenty of corporate back office people who seem to have only the vaguest idea of what their companies do, and no particular interest in it.

On the other hand, I’m getting ready to do a social media seminar for the local Chamber of Commerce, and if our company Facebook page really is rubbish, then I had better do something about that.

I’m trying to be lazy, though, so I’ll be in the mood to start back to class on Tuesday. I have a couple of church services to attend, and then I plan to sew a print top. I might use the same pattern and this sage and brown charmeuse with a pattern of abstract palm fronds.

If I do the machine bit quickly, I can take the hand work out on the patio, where we have some nasturtiums. I have five pots of nasturtiums, and they’re just beginning to flower. There are also roses and herbs, so it’s quite a nice place to hang out.