It’s Mother’s Day, and we always have our first  rose by Mother’s Day. This year, Falstaff is the winner.

New Dawn is all over the lot, though, and when she blooms, Falstaff will be overwhelmed and Montezuma will hardly get a look in.

If you mostly want a really prolific bloomer, New Dawn is a good one to consider. Montezuma is actually also a good full-season bloomer. Falstaff is lush and heavily scented, though, so the mixture is nice.

I did slight bits of work yesterday, answering emails, sending out a proposal and a corrected invoice, working a bit on our new portfolio site — but very little work took place.

Mostly I sewed.

When you make a SWAP, you should generally plan to spend the first day planning and pinning and cutting. You don’t generally get into the sewing straightaway. You have to make your storyboard, pin and cut all the patterns, get bobbins loaded for your colors…

But I haven’t followed the rules properly, have I? So I got the first two tops cut out just fine, since I had decided how to make them and chosen TNT patterns, and I set them over by the sewing machine and returned to the pinning and cutting.

And stopped. I have this wonderful indigo linen, and there’s enough to make a two-piece dress — but I have two patterns I’m thinking of, neither of which I’ve tried before. And both are princess-seamed, which is a style that looked great on me when I was younger and thinner, but who knows now?

So of course I didn’t want to plunge right in cutting that. I folded it up and put it away to think about it. I cut the jacket instead — after quite a bit of time thinking and deciding and measuring and otherwise fooling around, because again I’m not using a TNT pattern.

And then I had to sew up the major seams, just to be sure it would work out, and pin it all over the place to approximate the proper shape.

And since I didn’t plan properly, I don’t actually have enough for a skirt to match this, which is a shame, because I think it’s going to turn out well.

You can’t really tell, since it’s not pressed or finished or anything, but I’ve tried it on and I feel optimistic.

However, my husband came out an surveyed my progress and assured me that things I sew don’t look good and I should just buy clothes. He’s not one of those people who believes in saying encouraging things.

But then CD came by with bunches of additional fabric, so I continued. I think I will make the 2-piece dress from this floral here, since prints are more forgiving when it comes to seams.

And I think the dark brown will make a great accent color, though brown is probably another color I should keep away from my face.

There are further blues, though, including knits, so I can add knit tops.

While you can’t tell much from WIP photos of sewn things, I think this will be quite a nice SWAP, and I’ll be able to be well-dressed for my summer class.

So today after church I will carry on with my pinning and cutting. I’ll probably go ahead and cut another of these jackets from that lovely deep blue linen, now that I know it will fit and look nice, and I think it has enough for a skirt as well, so that can be my suit and this can be a second jacket.

I cut the beige linen pants, too, so I’ll run the main seams up and make sure they fit and are within my skill range. If they are, I’ll go ahead and cut dark brown ones as well. And I’ll do the same with the 2-piece dress, possibly doing a muslin first.

If I had followed the rules, of course, I’d have had everything cut out yesterday and sewn it all up today. However, I am having fun.