I did almost no work yesterday. There is a sense in which this is positive, since I’m trying to have a normal life, but there’s also the fact that people expect me to get their work done.

Sometimes I feel that they have unrealistic expectations — client who call me early on Saturday morning to chat about their social media are being unreasonable, right?

On the other hand, I could say no to some work and thus avoid the problem. Then I’d be able to give people a higher level of service without feeling so overwhelmed.

On the third hand (thinking of one of those Hindu goddesses, here), I have helpers now, and will be able perhaps to combine complete service with a balanced life.


But yesterday, even though I had work to do, I mostly read.

I had no frivolous novels around, since I have a stack of things I need to read for work and a stack of things I need to review. However, I do have a Kindle. Thus, I was able within moments to go from a choice between ASP.net MVC 1.0 and Landing Page Optimization to a seat on the front porch with a lovely colorful tree in view and Plum Spooky to read. .

I took a walk in the brisk fall air, and then moved into the house, to my special reading corner.

There were a few trick or treaters, and the boys were in an out, but mostly I had a nice day of reading.

Today I feel better.

CD and I had our lesson this morning on the importance of recognizing that all work is about service. If you start out trying to make yourself happy with your work, our lesson said, you will inevitably fail. It’s only when you focus on the people you’re helping — whether they’re physically present or not — that you can find your work satisfying.

That could be true.

This afternoon, I’m back at work, and finding it satisfying. It may be that without taking some time off, I can’t expect to be able to think about the people I’m serving, because I’ll just be too tired to do so. Anyway, I think I can look after the Aussies before midnight GMT if I get right to it.