Having spoken to myself severely about my schedule yesterday (and listened to good advice on the same, and thank you very much for it), I sat down with my calendar for a little while and blocked out time for work, time for holiday preparations, and time for play. I ordered that yarn I was talking about, and intend to carve out time to knit with it. I did some shopping, cooking, scrubbing, and working, but I also did some reading and hanging out with my kids.

11 #2 son and I went to the bakery. This is the American bakery, where we get all our ceremonial cakes. They also do an excellent ham and cheese croissant. #2 son had one of those plus a doughnut and chocolate milk, because he is a teenage boy and can do that.

They had decorated for Christmas. I was a little surprised, because I would have thought that they would do a big trade in Thanksgiving pies and rolls and so forth, but it was quite festive and nice.

Thence to the sporting goods store for captain’s letters for #2 son’s hoodie. It is a joke between himself and his 11AP teacher. The teacher wouldn’t allow #2 son to be on the Econ Challenge team last year because he was a sophomore (everyone else in that class was a senior; #2 son doesn’t allow himself to be bothered by these things), so #2 son has announced that this year he will not only be on the team as a junior, but will also be the captain.

 He cannot be the captain of photography. He was in charge of recording the lovely fall color, and this is what he came up with. Actually, these are the best pictures.

Plenty of healthy groceries, a present for a baby shower I’m attending today, gymnastics class, and then home to football (the puce and orange team won), guitar, reading on the sofa, and dinner in front of 11the fire.

Very nice.

We also watched Flight of  the Conchords, a band (?) from New Zealand. They do music video parodies of various types of popular music. They are hilariously funny.

 They have that cute New Zealand accent, and the boys have been walking around quoting them in their interpretations of the accent, which is also pretty hilarious, though the comedians themselves have said that bad NZ accents are “bordering on racist.” If accused of such a thing, the boys intend to say, “Hey, we have family in New Zealand.” In an offended tone of voice.

I think that their song about tape would make a great classroom lesson on simile and metaphor. My kids assure me that no one else thinks things like that.