gray sweater back I knitted up a third skein of Wool of the Andes yesterday, completing the back of #2 son’s sweater (shown here disporting itself in the bushes — well, really, I am trying to make it look more interesting) and about a third of the front.

While doing this, I finished reading a novel and began reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, a book which has been on my to-read list for months. It is fascinating, combining science, history, economics, politics, and current events in one entertaining package. It is not light reading, having as it does a lot of numbers on the pages, but it is worth the effort.

I kept reading out bits to the guys, who were watching our local football team trounce the neighboring state’s team. Apparently, we are well on our way to becoming national champions this year, so the guys’ reaction to my announcements about corn, agribusiness, and how exactly they get steers from 80 to 1100 pounds in one year were received with limited attention.

Actually, I tried to limit my announcements to times when nothing much was going on, and they tried to respond well. There would be a “Huh? what?” moment, and then my sons would add some interesting related tidbit from their APEcon or Plant Science classes.

I also got a good bit of fragrance crafting done. Today I must work on my madrigal dinner costume and I hope to get to either the partly-finished jacket or the soldering. However, #2 son keeps asking “Are you working on my sweater?” and of course knitting fits best with reading before the fire.