Though I did some work yesterday, I mostly knitted, read, and watched Doc Martin with the Netflix/Wii hook up.

We an watch all sorts of things on our TV through Netflix and Wii, thereby avoiding the inconvenience of having to figure out when a program is on or waiting for a DVD to be sent to us, not to mention avoiding commercials and trailers.

However, we were given a free month of digital TV or something by our cable company. It involves a box, which can’t be hooked up at the same time as the Wii. We have to unhook the Wii and rehook the box or vice versa when we want to change data sources.

Oh, the traumas of modern life!

In spite of this terrible problem, I was able to complete the Nitid Cowl in Andean Treasure alpaca, and a lovely thing it is, too.

Another lovely thing is my new Kindle cover. #2 daughter got a cover for her Kindle, and it not only protects the device, but also makes it feel like a book.

The Kindle reads like a book, but you have to hold it like a piece of paper (of course, you can set it down and read it while you knit, but book readers will know what I mean here). In a cover, you can hold it like a book.

This particular cover is by Cole Hahn, which you will understand to mean that it is gorgeous, but also really expensive. I have admired and perhaps coveted it for years, never planning to have it in real life since I pay most of my income for tuition. However, it is a cover for the old Kindle. Now that the new one is the only Kindle being sold, Amazon put this lovely object on sale for a tiny fraction of its original price, and I succumbed.

It holds the Kindle securely in place. It even has a pocket. Frankly, I have no idea what that pocket is for. It looks like it’s designed for papers, but it’s hard to imagine any situation in which you would need both a Kindle and papers.

Maybe it is for business cards.

We’re all going to have to order new business card chez fibermom, or rather chez the business. We are changing the name of the business to something short enough to say comfortably over the phone. We’re making ourselves a new website, too, since mine is over two years old and therefore ancient in computer years.

We’re kind of excited about this. We’re planning to do a WordPress conversion, since so much of our work nowadays is WordPress, and we’ll rework it to reflect our actual target market, not the market I though I’d appeal to when I first started.

Yesterday I worked on some panels for it.  Obviously, my panels aren’t as good as the real designer’s panels will be, but still, I like the way they turned out.

I spent a little time musing on the progress of the business. I had initially expected just to do contract work until someone hired me for a salaried job. Then I figured I could replace my salary and be a happy freelancer, with the fallback position of jobhunting again in the future if need be.

Now, though  we still have financial suspense, I have a successful enough business that I can employ my daughters and pay my sons’ tuition even at the ruinously expensive school #2 son attends. We’re not in debt, either, which is more than most two year old businesses can say.

I’m singing in both churches this morning, so I had better go get some clothes on. Enjoy your weekend!