#1 daughter and I have mostly been working. I finished up the Computer Guy’s jobs, we did a crash course in Analytics for #1, we worked on the accounting a little bit, and we talked a little about the possibility of her doing some graphics stuff.

We’ve also had conversation and restaurant meals, and we even went to T.J. Maxx and picked up a couple of things for Christmas stockings.

I hadn’t been in a store since before Hallowe’en, so I hadn’t realized that it’s Christmas in retail. I used to work in retail, so I’d have known if I had thought about it. And, obviously, I wouldn’t have gone on a Saturday. It was crowded and merchandise was all over the floor. People stood stupidly in the aisles looking as though their entire brains had gotten so fixated on whether to buy the pink one or the green one that they had simply shut down and were now unable to move. It was like that even at the impulse buy section at the cash wrap.

I’m so fortunate not to work in retail any more.

#1 daughter has been giving me lots of good advice.

This morning we’re going out to the grist mill to get breakfast (restaurant meals sure add up, but #2 son and I have been planning this for a couple of weeks now and we’re going to do it) and our Thanksgiving baking supplies. Then #1 daughter will head back south.