11 Some sewing did indeed get done today.

I got the major pieces of the shirt put together, and the collar done up to the hand work. I get stuck on the sleeve plackets.

Staring, reading the directions repeatedly, and asking others to help didn’t work. The cat, as you can see, pitched in wholeheartedly.

I tried looking at finished sleeve plackets, in hopes of getting some notion of the overall gestalt of sleeve plackets.

I had a meeting at church, so I gave up at that point and went to the meeting.

I took the handouts and notes from all the meetings of the year, reminded the group of our intitial goals, and reported that we had in fact met two of them.

Then I said, “I’ve been a little frustrated about it, because as you can see –” and I brandished the papers “– we’ve had the same meeting over and over all year. So either we don’t really want to do these things, and the meetings are just for fellowship, or we need to admit that our strategy isn’t working and we need to change our approach.”

I think they were so astonished that they couldn’t rally immediately.

I smiled around the table. CD suggested that we had exactly the right size of group to accomplish real change. She’s a counselor, so she knows these things.

“Well then,” said I, “how about if each of us leaves tonight with action steps to accomplish, and we see if we can accomplish some more of these goals before the end of the year.”

I went with a bracing tone of voice and a cheery smile.

We all left with assignments. We’ll see what happens next.

Now I have dinner in the oven, and I may have another go at the sleeve placket. Perhaps I can sneak up on them and astonish them, and thus persuade them to cooperate with me.