One more picture from Rome. #2 daughter and I were walking along and we saw this suit in a window and snapped a picutre because we thought it would look very good on her brother.

Italian men didn’t look especially lovely, but the suits sure did.

I’m thinking about giving my younger boy a jacket for Christmas. I gave one to #1 son for his birthday. It seems good for young men to have something nice to wear in case some event arises that requires something other than cargo shorts and jerseys.

I’m also thinking about cleats for him. I bought #1 son a video camera (don’t tell!). I can’t tell about the girls, because they might read this.

My eye is no longer painful and I can see. This makes me happy. I have a big meeting tomorrow and hope not to look grotesque. #1 daughter and I went and bought great quantities of food for Thanksgiving, and we plan to put up a Christmas tree directly after, so I must think about presents a bit.

By now I usually have made lots of nice stuff, but this year I have been remiss.

My husband and #1 daughter and now watching a kung fu movie. My husband is explaining that in American you don’t have family, because families don’t live together. Even if you have a big family, he says, you don’t have any family because they don’t live together. 🙁