This book has on the back cover several mentions of knitting. However, the item in question (the “afghan of death”) is not being knitted, but crocheted. Many knitters find this confusion indescribably irritating. However, I think the distinction between knitting and crochet can fairly be classed as arcane. Just as the Poster Queen knows about NASCAR racing and, presumably, how it differs from other sorts of racing, while all that I know for sure is that it does not involve horses.

Saturday’s open house gets mixed reviews.

The music was wonderful. 15 fiddles all playing together is a rare treat, and the Fiddle Choir contains all these extremely cute children, who are also good fiddlers. There was one little boy in a cowboy hat who had that bluegrass fiddler stance, and sure enough, when his solo came he just burned up the strings. Very impressive. The Celtic band was wonderful, and I loved it when a grandmother picked up her little grandson and waltzed him around as they played. They did a violin duet (with harp and guitar accompaniment) that was one of the most romantic things I have ever heard. The school choir sang a hilarious tune about cranberries which I would like to adopt as a Thanksgiving carol. We Chamber Singers got an extra rehearsal, which we surely needed. Steve let us sing along with him. And it was great fun to see everyone.

Unfortunately, the musicians outnumbered the audiences — never a desirable situation. And we collected less food than last year. I haven’t heard sales figures, and I was racing around bear-leading all day, but the Poster Queen said that we were busy. Were people just so focussed on shopping that they didn’t have time for music and charity? I guess that’s not something to complain of from a retail point of view, but it seems sad to me.

On Sunday, I cleaned and organized things and went to a Messiah rehearsal. The director has stopped saying things like “It’ll come together, we have three more rehearsals” and started talking about how important it is to make all the rehearsals. He has also given up discussions of phrasing and dynamics. Egypt kept saying we weren’t getting this note or that, it being “we” the altos as a group she had in mind. She generally knows what notes are supposed to be sung, but is never quite on pitch herself, so she may just be hearing that mismatch between herself and the others and thinking they are off. Or we may really be singing the wrong notes. I will be spending a lot of time listening to recordings of Messiah in hopes of fixing any errors I am making, and I can’t do more than that.

I have nearly finished the Thanksgiving table runner. It needs only to be quilted. Since I did a little bit of piecing for the back, the quilting for the front will look odd on the back — thank goodness I did not go to a lot of trouble for the reversible-ness. I had not thought of that. La Tenora says that curvy quilting always looks good on plain square piecing, and she should know, so I will just go with it. She also says that quilting around the applique pieces is a must, no matter what is on the other side. I pass this along in case you find yourself in a similar quandary some day. I had itnended to post a picture of it, but cannot figure out how I ever got the Toy Camera to work in the first place. I will have to wait for a kid to help me. In fact, the list of electronic difficulties I am expecting #2 daughter to help with over Thanksgiving break is getting pretty long…

 Dweezy told me the decreases for the London Beanie, bless his heart, so I finished it up. Another rehearsal tonight, so that may be all the knitting I get done today.