Making Things

Yesterday didn’t turn out as I had planned. I had envisioned  a day spent cleaning house and making things, with a nice long tramp in the lovely fall weather as a break in the day.


However, I did make this pretty piece of jewelry. I’ve been in a jewelry-making mood lately, and am using up all my supplies just as though I had lots of jewelry-wearing people on my gift list, which isn’t really true.

I also finished up the front of #2 son’s sweater and started the back. It’s a plain midnight blue sweater all in stockinette, and therefore not interesting to photograph.

This morning I have to play bells at one church and then sing Great is Thy Faithfulness at the other, even though the services are at the same time. This song is traditionally sung with an alto solo by a counter-tenor, but we’re being choral all the way through.

After that it’s possible that I might spend the rest of today cleaning house and making things.

This is attic week at the HGP, and I don’t have an attic (well, I guess there is an attic of some sort, but we don’t use it so I don’t plan to organize it) so I can clean up some of the areas that have gotten themselves messy again. We’re also supposed to be working for an hour a day on our Christmas gifts, and I’m not managing that. I’m also way behind on the Christmas goodie baking. This might be a grand baking marathon year instead of a gradual baking year.

One of the “making things” I’m involved in right now is the question of our new logo. We’re changing our company name to something that can be said easily over the phone, as in “This is #1 daughter from Company Name” and that involves a new logo.

For some reason, I have no trouble making these decisions for other people, but become paralyzed with indecision when it’s my own company involved. It took us months to come up with a new name and I’m still not sure about it. We’ve had about eight variations on the logo from our graphics guy now. I put them all together with the header and hypothetical T-shirts to help us make up our minds among the half of the options that we haven’t yet eliminated.

The one at the very bottom is the current frontrunner, just on the basis of votes, but I am hesitant to give up the ones that maintain a similarity to my current design. Not sure why. I just like it a lot. The one at the bottom has that cute little “hi” in it, though, which looks good on T shirts.

Let me know if you have an opinion on this.