11 Here’s where I got to on the shirt yesterday.

You can see from the picture below that I did in fact get some sense of how the sleeve plackets should be. This is not going to be a perfect shirt, by any means, but I think it’ll be wearable.

The first thing I did yesterday was to go buy startling amounts of food. I avoid going into stores in December at all, and my husband’s company is planning a long shut-down as well, so filling the freezer with meat seemed like a smart thing to do.

I also bought some cleaning supplies, specificially a bottle of Frasier Fir cleaner from Thymes. Having a wonderful smell to clean with doesn’t quite turn cleaning the kitchen into a sensual experience on a par with a long soak in scented oils, but it improves it a bit.

Buying the cleaner was pleasant. I found it at a little shop near the co-op, where I’d gone to stock up on bulk grains. I met a woman from Tuesday night class there, and she told me she was one of the top 50 shoppers at the co-op, an odd thing to brag about, it seems to me. Nice for the co-op that they can get that response, though.

Anyway, I went on from there to a little shop that used to specialize in handmade goods, but which now is more of 11 an upscale kitchen boutique. There I smelled all the home fragrance collections, sampled their punmpkin scones, and fondled their knitted goods.

It was a nice break in the errands. I went and bought food for the week, including Thanksgiving, and then came home and cleaned the kitchen, enjoying the crisp scent.

I baked cookies and put most of them into the freezer for the cookie boxes, brought out the Thanksgiving decorations, and refused to panic over not having any Christmas presents bought or made.

Then I watched War, Inc. and sewed. Today will be butons, buttonholes, and hems. First, though, I have to play bells in both services at church. I have a goal to find another bell ringer to take my place so I can quit. Sigh.