#2 son came back for a game this weekend. It was good to see him. He and I and #1 son went to see “The Importance of Being Ernest.” It was very fun. We parked at #1 son’s place and walked to the arts center and back, so it was a nice evening after having worked on Saturday.

We talked about healthy eating and sport and school, and I got to feel quite proud of my boys. I also made a wholesome meal for them. Tortelini Soup with lots of vegetables, zucchini and butternut squash and onions and peppers and mushrooms and spinach. Wholegrain rolls, too, with a nice sprinling of cracked wheat on the top.

For breakfast, we had fruit with yogurt and finished up the rolls.

Today has been relaxing. Some work, some knitting, some housework. The weather was perfect for it: a nice gray fall day that makes the colors of the leaves stand out.

I’ve definitely fallen off the HGP wagon, but there is still the Christmas Countdown. This is time to establish good health habits before the holidays make it hard to manage. This is the time to divide up the things on the holiday to-do list into five parts and to begin doing one section each week. How are you coming with your preparations?