The Flying Squirrels and Sugar Gliders, the men’s and women’s teams respectively for Ultimate Frisbee  (now properly just called “ultimate,” but you might not have known what I meant), came to stay for the weekend during a tournament.

Here’s yesterday’s breakfast. We fed them very well, with things like pasta with artichokes and homemade key lime pie. They were all smart, fit, well-mannered, well behaved, and generally gave us cause for optimism about the rising generation.

I’ve spent most of the weekend cooking and then cleaning up the kitchen, as you can imagine, but I did get in some knitting.

I’ve been working on cowls. They seem to be all the rage of late in knitting circles. The idea is that they’re as stylish as a scarf, but easier to deal with since they stay put once you put them on. They fall in nice, slouchy folds around your neck inside your jacket without having any long ends to deal with.

It hasn’t been cold enough to wear one yet around here, but I can at least vouch for the fact that they’re fun to knit. Here’s the second Silk Fountain, in four shades of Japanese wool. I’ve just started on the Nitid Cowl  in Knitpicks alpaca. it’s not very interesting to look at yet. Neither is #2 son’s sweater, but I’ve put in a picture of it anyway, complete with dog hair trimmings. I took the opportunity to measure it on him while he was here, and it fits. I expect to complete it by Christmas.

#1 daughter came by this morning in time to talk with #2 son a little bit before he headed out for today’s games. He discussed school with her, and she was able to meet and get firsthand thanks from one of his teammates whom she helped out with a job.

She likes her snazzy new apartment, a nd is not exactly enjoying the seasonal retail job she took on, but she is okay with it, and feels that it could be worse. I’m trying not to ask her to do very much for my business, but am missing her quite a bit. I’m also trying not to ask much of #2 daughter, so there’s lots for me to do. We all feel that we’ll appreciate it even more when we all get back to working together.

Today we’re having a really gorgeous day. We have in fact had such a spell of lovely weather that Falstaff deigned to produce a vase full of roses for me. These roses are not only a stunning crimson but also have an amazingly rich and lovely scent. You have to get up close to smell them, but once you’re close enough, you want to just stand there and smell them. There also are some more tomatoes out on our bushes, but we expect they’ll get frost nipped before they ripen.

I may go out for a long walk this afternoon. On the other hand, I currently have the house to myself. I have to grade papers, and I have plenty of other work that I could and possibly should do, but I’m thinking that it’s a perfect day for knitting. I’m reading The Sibyl in Her Grave by Sarah Caudwell, a wonderful book which I found in my closet while looking for something else entirely, and which I haven’t read in years. It’s just the thing to read while working on an alpaca cowl.

I’ve just about talked myself into it. There are leftovers from the various lavish meals I’ve cooked this weekend, too… Friday’s beef tips and last night’s key lime pie, along with that grapefruit-dressed green salad, could make a fine lunch. There might even be a nap on today’s agenda.