My pastor called me yesterday to ask about the job at the Medical School. I haven’t heard from them yet, which I assume means that they decided to offer the position to someone else. Possibly they haven’t told me so yet because they’re waiting for that person to accept or decline, and they want to keep their options open a bit longer.

I haven’t been thinking about it much because I have new clients and new potential clients and other interesting things going on. This week, I have three meetings to discuss websites, and I’ll be adding another if a contract is signed. Plus the classes and rehearsals, of course. Some of you knew me when having more than one appointment of any kind in a week made it a rough week for me. Now I’m looking forward to these meetings, even if they are unbillable. I have enough billable hours this week to enjoy my marketing efforts.

I’m also on the front page of Google for all sorts of searches. You know how I like that.

Yesterday was another gorgeous fall day, and I should have spent it hiking or cleaning my house or making #1 son’s shirt or something productive like that, but I didn’t. For some reason, I was tired and snappish. So I spent the day lounging on the sofa, reading novels and doing a meager amount of knitting. I talked with my daughters, went to the post office, caught up on filing, did laundry… no cooking or baking or scrubbing or anything energetic like that. 

I did occasionally think about work, specifically the business systems I need to get into place, and I actually had a request for a free site analysis, so of course I did that. But my husband lit the fire and I mostly lolled around. I feel better today.

After church, I hope I’ll do the grocery shopping and clean house. Maybe figure out what I’m cooking for Thanksgiving. A practice cake may be in order.

My pastor told me that he knows what it’s like to be unsettled in your life. He gets sent on to a new place every few years, after all. “You have to act like you’re staying where you are forever,” he said. “Otherwise you can’t be effective.” It is possible that he was talking about his hope that I’ll agree to head the worship ministry team, but I think it applies to Thanksgiving. And to building up my freelance business, and possibly even to buying the software I need.

I spent the first three months of my time as an independent SEO professional thinking of myself as an unemployed person who happened to work a lot, and the next three months thinking of myself as a freelance, but if I don’t head down to the Medical School, I think I may be ready to accept the notion of myself as owning a business.

In the meantime, I think clothing is called for. Even though I wear a robe in church, I fear that having my jammies peeking out from under it would cause comment.